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In the event of a fire, power outage is likely to occur, leading to darkness, disorientation, and confusion among occupants.

Emergency lighting serves as a backup source of illumination, becoming active in the event of an outage that incapacitates the primary lighting system.  It automatically illuminates emergency exit routes, allowing residents or staff to safely and calmly evacuate.

Due to the vital role that emergency lighting plays in successful evacuation, it is a legal requirement in the UK that the hallways, stairways, corridors and exit routes in all non-domestic buildings are illuminated with emergency backup lights.

Whether you run an office, warehouse or retail outlet, or are responsible for the facilities management of non-domestic buildings occupied by others, you will need emergency lighting.  As fire safety specialists, we'll identify the nature and extent of the lighting needed to make your premises safe and compliant, before supplying and installing the required solution.

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