Fire Alarm Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Essential Fire Detection and Alert

A fire alarm is your first line of defence, and an essential part of your fire safety planning. It allows you to identify a fire before it takes hold, evacuate the premises, and alert the emergency services without delay so that the damage to the property is minimised and lives are not put at risk.

IFS supplies a wide range of high-quality wired and wireless fire alarm systems suitable for all types of buildings and budget, from residential and rental properties to office and warehouse premises. We won't try to oversell you the bells and whistles that you don't need, but will take time to understand your requirements before recommending the best system for you.

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Book Your Free Compliance Check

As part of our complementary Compliance Check service, we'll discuss the fire safety measures you currently have in place, and explain all applicable regulatory requirements.  We'll then suggest practical, pragmatic steps to help you improve your compliance and better protect your properties and people.

The Compliance Check is not a sales appointment, and there is no obligation to use IFS, nor commit to anything further.

Book your complementary Compliance Check today, and get peace of mind that your properties are better protected.