Fire Extinguisher Supply & Installation

Safely Extinguish Small Fires with Confidence

Portable fire extinguishers can put out many small fires before they spread, protecting your people and property from potential harm.

However, they are only effective as a fire fighting aid if you have the correct extinguishers for each type of fire risk.  They must be maintained regularly, and your staff, residents, or tenants need to know how to use them.

From a legal perspective too, all business owners and property managers have a responsibility to ensure that their premises or properties are properly protected, with any building occupying an area up to 400 sq. metres requiring at least 2 x water and 1 x CO2 extinguishers to cover all fire risks.

At IFS, we'll assess your business premises or residential/rental property to identify how many fire extinguishers are required, and of which type.  We will not sell you what you do not need, but will instead make recommendations based on your legal duties and in the best interests of avoiding significant damage to your property.  We'll then supply, install, and maintain the fire extinguishers on dates convenient to you or your tenant.

Contact us today to discuss your legal duties in relation to fire extinguishers.  We won't try to sell to you, but will instead make recommendations based on your specific circumstances.

Protect Your Business with IFS Fire & Security

Book Your Free Compliance Check

As part of our complementary Compliance Check service, we'll discuss the fire safety measures you currently have in place, and explain all applicable regulatory requirements.  We'll then suggest practical, pragmatic steps to help you improve your compliance and better protect your properties and people.

The Compliance Check is not a sales appointment, and there is no obligation to use IFS, nor commit to anything further.

Book your complementary Compliance Check today, and get peace of mind that your properties are better protected.