Fire Risk Assessments

Assess Your Risk, Protect Your Property

If you are a business owner, a property management company, or a private landlord, it is essential that you complete a full fire risk assessment of your buildings once a year, and address any issues that are identified.  Not only will this annual assessment safeguard your property, assets, people, and tenants, but it will ensure that you meet your legal requirements as a landlord or an employer of 5+ staff.

To ensure that your assessment is worthwhile and meets your legal obligations, it is important that it is completed by someone with the appropriate knowledge and experience.  Without the relevant training, it is difficult to know what might represent a risk to your premises, and how best to address any potential issues.

At IFS, we understand that this is a task that many business owners, property management companies, and private landlords could do without.  We'll remove the burden by arranging for a trained assessor to complete an assessment on your property, highlighting those areas of risk that require follow up action.  We'll then help you to implement these action points in a measured, pragmatic, and cost-effective way, ensuring that you only do what is necessary to keep your premises and people safe.

If you would like some help or guidance on how best to meet your legal fire risk assessment responsibilities, contact our team today.  We'll offer impartial, practical advice and recommendations which you are under no obligation to follow, but which will hopefully give you some clear direction on how to proceed.

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As part of our complementary Compliance Check service, we'll discuss the fire safety measures you currently have in place, and explain all applicable regulatory requirements.  We'll then suggest practical, pragmatic steps to help you improve your compliance and better protect your properties and people.

The Compliance Check is not a sales appointment, and there is no obligation to use IFS, nor commit to anything further.

Book your complementary Compliance Check today, and get peace of mind that your properties are better protected.